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about Qlip-Qlip®
Modern life brings variety to our style and ladies' wardrobe is no exception, especially footwear: multiple and different kind of shoes, boots, ankle boots, ballets, etc. … what a modern woman doesn't have! But sometimes even expensive footwear can cause troubles and spoil the mood, especially a new pair of the boots. Often, the area near the seams or fasteners (zipper fasteners, buttons, valves, etc.) on the reverse side of the boot shaft is uneven and rough that does not fall under the definition of a manufacturing defect: little clinging threads or leather elements that imperceptibly protrude from the seams. And when wearing the boots such uneven surface injures the surface of your hosiery and causes holes, “snags" and other imperfections.
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And this leads to a premature wear of the tights and stockings: they lose their marketable appearance too quickly and look worn and untidy. In addition, one cannot wear the same tights without feeling a discomfort with another pair of footwear, for example, with half-boots, office shoes or your favorite ballet flats because the defects will be visible. And if you are invited to a party, theater or other important event and want to change your shoes, i.e. take off your boots and put on your beautiful evening high heels? Oooh... you may feel very embarrassed due to the unexpected snags on your new pair of the tights! At least until you have two or three glasses of champagne. You don’t want to be in the company of that guy with a hole in his sock, do you? So, many, many pairs of the beautiful and expensive tights even with the durable wear effect are thrown away immediately after one use. For some ladies it’s a norm, but it may upset the others, including their budget. And not mentioning the environment aspects...
And here qlip-qlip® comes to rescue. The qlip-qlip® device is designed for the following purposes:
-to protect your tights from the deformation and the local defects, especially in the area of the seams and the shoe fastener, and to rescue the ”guilty"scratching boots from the repressions; and
-to save your budget and to avoid extra costs: let your tights serve longer!
- to keep you in a good mood, and to uphold the reputation of a lady for whom "a wrinkle on the face is more excusable than a wrinkle on her stockings" (une ride au visage est plus pardonnable qu'un pli sur un bas”. M. Fédéoul Dieudonné).
Advantages of Qlip-Qlip® 
qlip-qlip® is designed to prevent a premature wear of your tights and to avoide the formation of the snags near the seams and the (zeep) fasteners..
qlip-qlip® gets fixed on your boot shaft and it does not disturb your walking, while protecting your tights from the deformation and other troubles. And it does not damage your footwear.
qlip-qlip® comes in various models and colors, which allows it to be either almost invisible on your footwear or, on the contrary, if you wish, to be a pretty decoration for it.
qlip-qlip® is a small, light-weight, portable and reusable device, which is easy to use.
You can order qlip-qlip® of any color, material and shape.
*** qlip-qlip® recommended for shoes with high and medium tops
Catalogue Qlip-Qlip®
qlip-qlip® "The Simple Geometry"
qlip-qlip® "The Simple Geometry"
qlip-qlip® "The Ghost Quartet"<br>
qlip-qlip® "The Ghost Quartet"
qlip-qlip® "Nosey Tommy"&nbsp;<br>
qlip-qlip® "Nosey Tommy" 
qlip-qlip® "My Little Leech"<br>
qlip-qlip® "My Little Leech"
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qlip-qlip® "In Bloom"   
qlip-qlip® " Flower Solo"&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>
qlip-qlip® " Flower Solo"  
You have not found your&nbsp; qlip-qlip®?&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>
You have not found your  qlip-qlip®?  
No worries! Please send as a request and we will try to accomodate it!

Photo Foot fetish: the hoof shoes by DAN GLOVER/PA