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qlip-qlip® "The Simple Geometry"
  • size: 4 см x 12 см
  • area of application: boot top
  • colors: black, brown; other color: upon request
  • to be fixed on the boot-top to protect your tights from scratches and tears
  • hand-made
  • material: leather (art.), suede (art.)
  • ID: PG28202001QQ
qlip-qlip® "The Ghost Quartet"
  • size: 4 см x 12 см
  • area of application: the boot shaft
  • colors: black, brown; other color: upon request
  • Thanks to its design and the fixing clip, the device can be securely fixed on the boot-shaft. It is especially recommended for use in the zipper area, where the device is almost invisible. Lightweight and small "The Ghost Quartet" protects your tights and allows you to walk freely: you just fix it and forget!
  • hand-made
  • main material: leather (art.), suede (art.)
  • ID: GQ28202003QQ
qlip-qlip® "Nosy Тommy"
  • size: 4 см x 10 см
  • colors: black, brown; other color: upon request
  • "Nosy Tommy" can be used on both sides, for its reverse side is made of black cloth
  • consists of a wide and a narrow panel (a little «nose»)
  • wide panel is mounted inside the shaft of the boot and the "nose" is fixed on the outside
  • This model is especially recommended for the tight-fitting boots with average-size shaft (the ankle boots, half boots, or the high-top boots)
  • hand-made
  • main material: suede (art.)
  • ID: NT28202002QQ
qlip-qlip® "My Little Leech"
  • size: 4,5 см x 20 см
  • colors: black, brown; other color: upon request
  • Thanks to its length "My Little Leech" allows you to protect a larger area of the inner part of the boot shaft, in particular, the area around the seam or zipper. And it’s fixed so firmly that sometimes it’s not easy to detach it. Well, indeed as sticky as a leech!
  • recommended for ankle boots or boots with high shaft
  • hand-mande
  • main material: leather (art.), suede (art.)
  • ID: MLL28202004QQ
qlip-qlip® "In Bloom"
  • size: 13 см 6 мм
  • available in colors: red, bright blue, black, dusty pink; other colors: upon request
  • Bright and beautiful flowers "In Bloom" protect your tights and stockings from the snags and scratches caused by the reverse side of the boot shaft, and at the same time serves as a wonderful decoration for your footwear. It guarantees you to be in a positive mood and inspires the others around you. The device can also be used as a temporary fastener or decoration for the bags.
  • hand-made
  • material: vinyl, suede (art.)
  • ID: F28202005QQ
qlip-qlip® "Flower Solo"
  • размер: 6 см in diameter
  • colors: red, light pink, green, black, brown; other color: upon reques
  • Despite its name this flower does not like to be alone and prefers a team work: you can attach it to the "Nosy Tommy", the "The Ghost Quartet" or to "The Simple Geometry" and your legs will be eye-catching at every step! This device has a decorative function, and it brings joy and provokes smiles around you.
  • recommended for boots with high and medium top as well as bags
  • hand-made
  • material: vinyl, suede (art.)
  • FS20202806QQ