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-“Just look at it! In the morning I put on the new tights, got to the office, and here they are: the snags caused by the boot’s zipper and one more hole on the side, - my colleague Alice complained to me, almost crying, demonstrating the damage made to her fancy tights.
-“And my tights are expensive! It’s Wolford tights, and my boots are from a good brand too! I really didn’t expect it! How can I walk around the office looking like this now! Money down the drain!” - she continued sadly.
-"Yes, sometimes it happens! It's a pity. However, have you tried Qlip-Qlip?» - I continued.
-"No, what is it?" - Alice asked.
-“It’s such a small thing that you can fix on your boot right on the rough place casing snags. It will protect your tights from tearing when walking. It is almost invisible on the boot, however, if you want attention, you can opt for a bright model. Then you definitely won’t go unnoticed,” - I answered.
-"What sizes and models do they have? What does it look like?" - Alice got interested.
-“Look,”- I said, typing into the search www.qlip-qlip.com, - “here is their catalog. The most invisible Qlip-Qlip is the “Nosy Tommy.” The strongest in terms of fastening are the “Ghost Quartet” and “My little Leech». They differ in length only. And the brightest and the catchiest are their “flowers”. There are other models here. Take a look yourself,” - I suggested.
-“Sounds amazing, thanks! What if the color doesn’t match my boot?” - Alice asked.
-“Apart from the classic colors presented, you can order your own bespoke Qlip-Qlip in the desired shape and color. You should just write in the contact form and that’s it,”- I advised.
-“Wow! What can people come up with! And what should I do with my boots now?” - Alice uttered rhetorically.
-“Don’t throw them away yet,” - I joked.
-“What don’t you throw away? What kind of flowers? What are you looking at here?»- asked a passing-by colleague Ivan.
-“It’ll be of no interest to you,” - I quickly replied and turned the monitor away. “Although, what time we are living in... Who knows!”- I thought, turning the monitor back. “Come closer, Ivan!”- I suggested. "As they say, ‘o tempora, o mores!»